You are Surrounded by Opportunities to Sell Your Services

Most people trying to sell are afflicted with a terrible disease.  The disease is tunnel vision.  It’s a particularly harmful disease because it keeps you from seeing the opportunities that are around you.

tunnel vision prevents sales opportunitiesPeople are creatures of habit by nature.  We like routine ways of doing things, so when we find something that works for us we tend to do the same things over and over and over.  In fact, we continue doing things well past when they no longer work just because we are so comfortable doing them.

Because we like routines and habits we are uncomfortable when we go outside of our routines and habits.  So uncomfortable in fact, we often miss important information and clues.  We miss these clues because our focus is on getting ourselves back to a so-called “normal” routine.

Vacations are a time when we voluntarily step outside of our routines and habits and expect something different.  Here’s what I want you to realize.  Your vacation isn’t just a time to refresh and relax…

Vacations are a Time to Recharge


When you plan a vacation you intend to have fun.  You intend to do different things in different places with different people.  Could there be a better place to discover what you need to recharge your efforts to sell your services?


You just need to focus on the opportunities you can expect anywhere you go.  Opportunities come in the form of…

  • Opportunities to get new clients
  • Opportunities to meet new partners
  • Opportunities to connect with potential clients or partners
  • Opportunities to generate cash

Realistically these opportunities exist every day no matter where you are or what you are doing if you just focus on finding them.  You should perceive every person you meet as an opportunity to gain a client, connect with a partner, or make money now.  There are opportunities in nearly everything you do.

Turn Off Your Autopilot


If you’re ever going to take advantage of the opportunities that surround you the first thing you must do is turn off your autopilot.  Start asking yourself these questions…

  1. How could this person or situation open the door to potential clients?
  2. How could I partner with this person or this business and open doors for both of us?
  3. How could I create a connection here that could open the door to a relationship?
  4. How could I take this situation and create cash?

On my recent vacation I came across an opportunity to create cash.  I don’t have to tell you the importance of cash.  Cash creates other opportunities in and of itself.  I’ll tell you more about this opportunity in another post.

In the meantime, start asking yourself where are your opportunities?

Coach Cheryl

Creative Commons License photo credit: Sylvain Raybaud

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