Sales is All About Transforming Lemons into Lemonade

sales is a matter of transforming lemons into lemonadeWhether you realize it or not sales has always been about transforming lemons into lemonade.

Quite off you don’t realize that going in.  For example, both Life Insurance Agents and Chiropractors are led to believe they will be earning a 6 figure income their first year.  The reality is more like $24,000.  Few take off and make that 6 figure income even after 5 years.

This makes most people pretty mad… frustrated… unsure what to do to make their dreams come true.  Well, perhaps you can thank President Obama and Congress for handing you an ideal opportunity.  Here’s what I mean…

A 2 Tiered Healthcare System in America?


Once the healthcare legislation takes full effect it won’t be long before things dramatically change.  The reality of a 2 tiered healthcare system is highly likely.  There will be those who are forced to settle for what the government can provide… those with the financial means to pay for premium healthcare out of pocket… and then there will be everyone left in the middle.


There are 47 million uninsured Americans… give or take a few million depending on who is doing the counting… even more under-insured.  Healthcare costs are rising… making many of the costly procedures available today out of reach for those who don’t need fit into either the upper or lower tier.  Plus more and more people are becoming more and more skeptical of pharmaceutical solutions and they are looking for drug substitutes.


You are the Perfect Fit and Now Your Future Patients Get it


People who practice in the healing arts… people like Chiropractors… naturopaths… massage therapists… are better positioned to develop a thriving practice now than ever before.  While in normal circumstances the last thing people are willing to part with their money for is preventive care… now they are.  Not only can you sell your services… you can sell your knowledge to a hungry crowd of eager learners.


Because everyone who doesn’t neatly fit in either the upper or lower tier now understands that they have to take full responsibility for their health because the “safety nets” they thought they could count on are coming down.

  • Major employers like Verizon are threatening to dump their employees on the public… aka, government system
  • The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) states health insurance premiums are expected to rise dramatically to offset the new requirements to insure everyone no matter their health status or pre-existing conditions
  • Our current healthcare system does not have enough providers to meet the increased demand from an additional 47 million patients

Whether you agree with or believe any of these points… the people you want as patients do… and they are looking for ways to protect themselves.  Even though they may not be sick now.  Even though they may not be looking for your particular service now.  They are looking for people who can teach them how to get and stay healthy.

There was never a better time than now to add information and education to your practice.  Plus you don’t have to give your knowledge away.  Your future clients are more than willing to pay for that knowledge.  They are willing to become clients and pay you a retainer so when they need your services they can get them without waiting… without unexpected costs they are prepared to pay for.

So no matter what product or service you are selling.  No matter the lemons you see.  Focus on what your potential clients need.  Develop ways to give them that and transform your lemons into lemonade.  Like the Life Insurance agent I mentioned earlier… With the stock market volatility… inflated gold prices… entire governments financially collapsing… your clients are looking for safe havens for their cash not life insurance.

Coach Cheryl

Creative Commons License photo credit: Librarianguish

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