How to Remove the Sales Pain

Right now both you and your potential clients are in great pain.  You are Jones-ing for a sales fix so bad you are literally going through physical withdrawal.  You just need a sale… any sale… just enough to tide you over for a few days.

remove the sales painYour potential client, on the other hand, is suffering from terrible back pain.  It’s excruciating.  Your potential clients back pain is caused from that overstuffed wallet in his back pocket.  That well guarded wallet stretched to the max with both cash and credit cards just begging to be put to good use.

Right now most people have more money than they have had in years.  They’ve gotten off the spend roller coaster only to clamp down on their spending like a junk yard dog guarding their property line.  The problem, as you well know, is they are extremely reluctant to spend because they are so afraid of all the unknowns they perceive looming in their future.

Yet, those very same overly cautious savers are literally searching for the relief valve to remove that back pain they can no longer tolerate.  Translation…

Now is the Time for Huge Sales…


Now is the time to sell like never before.  However, few are prepared to take advantage of this momentous opportunity because they insist on doing the same things they have always done expecting different results.  These determined warriors have no clue how to take advantage of the future that could be theirs.


Buddy, It has Never Been about YOU or What You Sell…


Now is the time to come to grips with the harsh reality both your sales success and failures were never about you or what you sell.  The only way to remove your pain while removing the pain your potential client is also suffering is to clue in on what they need to hear to buy.


Sending a potential client a letter in the mail, or telling someone you just met at a networking event about you and what you sell is an utter waste of time.  It’s even worse than an utter waste of time because now you have given your potential client a reason to avoid you or get rid of you.  That letter or networking line where you let your prospect know about how you have expanded your business is a kiss of death.


You just triggered that potential clients “sales person alarm” and set it off ringing at a deafening decibel.  You did not have to do that.  You could have gotten the other person actually interested in speaking with you.  All you had to do was start off talking about the thing your potential client is interested in and lead off your initial contact with that.


The concept is easy.  Translating that concept into reality is damn hard.  However, the results are immediate.  You may understand it yet you can’t take that understanding and put it into words on the page or words that come out of your mouth.  That’s where your bread and butter will come.


This is critical.  If you can’t do it then you have 3 choices…

  1. Study and practice every piece of marketing and copy writing information you can get your hands on.
  2. Hire someone to do it for you.
  3. Keep doing what you are doing and pretend like sales is just a numbers game while you work your ever love’n tail off.

If you choose option number 1… I suggest you make sure your library card is current and plan on spending every free moment studying and practicing.

If you choose option number 2… I suggest you fill out the “Done for You Services” box in the right sidebar on this page.

If you choose option number 3… Well… I have to commend you for your commitment to hard work.

Coach Cheryl

Creative Commons License photo credit: Arenamontanus


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