How Do Your Sales Chops Measure Up?

Both your sales successes and your sales failures are a matter of choice.  You make both unconscious choices and conscious choices.

Unconscious Choices Can Rule Your Life


If you aren’t careful your entire life can become the result of unconscious choices.  In fact, most people live their lives day in and day out like robots.  They get up in the morning and follow the same routine from brushing their teeth in the morning through brushing their teeth before bed.


Have you ever gotten in your car and the next thing you knew you were at work with no recollection of the drive there?  This is a clear example of unconscious living.  Thank goodness some things happen without a lot of thought.


If you had to think to take every breath it would be so exhausting you would never be able to remain that consciously aware of your choices to sustain life.  Yet, far too many of us take unconscious living too far and then whine in disappointment because we don’t get the results we want.


How Do You Measure UP?


I’d like you to consciously evaluate how you measure up in your sales efforts.  Now typically you measure your sales results by the dollars in your bank account.  However, when you aren’t selling you already know you aren’t measuring up.  This exercise is designed to help you get a glimpse into why you aren’t getting the results you want.


Grab a Pencil and Paper 


Focusing just on the hours you work in or on your business… how many hours a day are you unconsciously taking various actions like filing, filling out paperwork, or other similar activities?


How much time do you spend directly engaged in the activities required to accomplish your main objective?


List what those activities are and then assign a number to how much time you spend on that activity a day.


Wouldn’t you agree it makes sense to spend as little time as possible on activities that don’t have much to do with the actual accomplishment of your main objective?


So what can you do to take time away from the non-important things to give to the important things?


What are the things you are best at?


What do you need to do to concentrate on doing those things?


Who can you have do the rest?


wasted sales timeThe time you spend unconsciously and the time you spend on things that don’t move you toward what you want to accomplish is time WASTED.


Please don’t get the idea that I am telling you that you need to work 8 hours a day on just the actions that accomplish your goals.  In reality, it would probably be entirely too draining to do that.  I am telling you though that successful people spend anywhere from 2 to 4 hours consciously aware and completely dedicated to whatever they need to do to accomplish the result they want.


Could you commit to dedicating just 2 hours a day focused entirely on the activities you need to do to produce the results you want?


What could you accomplish if you did?


Did you know most books are written in just 2 hours a day?


Did you know that most highly successful people invest just 2 hours a day on marketing and sales?


Imagine how much freedom you would gain if you completely dedicated 2 hours a day to results producing work and then used the remainder of your time as you see fit.


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