How Are Attitudes Impacting Your Sales Success?

A lot of people get caught up in the idea they need to improve their attitudes or the attitudes of others.  The perceived solution to a poor attitude is motivational training.  How well does that work?

The thing about listening to a motivational speaker or participating in motivational training is it is motivating at the time.  Yet it has almost no long-term impact.  This reality is through no fault of the speaker or trainer.  It’s entirely the result of understanding what attitudes are and are not.

Attitudes are nothing more than your world view or opinion of something.  Your attitude helps explain why you behave the way you behave, yet your attitude is not a strong predictor of future behaviors.  I realize that might sound confusing so please allow me to explain.

Even though you may have a positive attitude about the assumptive close technique your attitude does not predict the likelihood you will demonstrate that behavior in your sales conversations.  While you view the assumptive close favorably that positive attitude does not necessarily mean you will use it.

Here’s the big catch.  Motivational training or speaking tries to help you change your attitude or world view about an action or idea.  However, that’s not likely to happen and here’s why.

From birth to now you have had experiences.  Those experiences repeated over time, and the experiences that had a dramatic impact over you transformed into a set of values.  Those values are basically the standards you choose to live by because of your previous experiences and beliefs.

What you value transforms into a set of attitudes that create your personal views.  You behave the way you do to fulfill your attitudes.  An adult is highly unlikely to change their attitudes no matter what because those attitudes are based on what you value.  True changes in attitude only come about because of major events that completely change your beliefs and values.

So rather than trying to change your attitudes you need to realize your attitudes are the drivers that make you who you are.  There is nothing wrong with your attitude.  You simply need to use your attitudes in a way that best serves you.

There are 6 attitudes that cause you to behave in certain ways because those behaviors demonstrate your values.  You are driven to fulfill your top 2 attitudes.  These top 2 attitudes are the most important to you and for you.  According to Eduard Spranger the 6 attitudes include:

  • Utilitarian – you value usefulness and return on your investments
  • Theoretical – you value knowledge and truth
  • Social – you value others and serving others
  • Individual – you value position and power
  • Traditional – you value systems, order, tradition, and unity
  • Aesthetic – you value beauty, harmony, balance, and feeling

72% of all people who succeed in sales have a strong utilitarian attitude.  You value money and are driven to take actions that produce it.  However, any attitude can succeed in sales.  It’s just a matter of structuring the way you implement sales so you feed your values and attitudes to produce those sales results.

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