Gaining and Retaining Clients is Personal Business

Boarding an airplane creepily makes me think about Nazi Germany.  TSA and the airlines line you up.  They strip you of your personal dignity.  They poke, prod, and scan both you and your belongings.  Then in spite of everything they do to dehumanize and supposedly protect you, you may very well be settling into a death chamber rather than a means of transportation because all this activity actually does almost nothing to protect you.

It makes me angry both with the people who have caused this mass hysteria and the governmental agencies who are supposed to protect us.

In the process of “keeping us safe”.  The airlines have taken their already poor customer service and created an atmosphere completely devoid of customer service.  Each paying passenger is treated like an enemy combatant.  No wonder air travel is down.

With my previous airline experiences in mind you will understand my shock at the contrast in customer service I experienced on my recent cruise.  I almost wonder if every cruise employee is a graduate of the Disney school of customer service.  Each employee I encountered made eye contact, they smiled, and they spoke to me.

Getting Clients is Personal BusinessYes, they spoke to each and every passenger.  They greeted you every time your paths crossed.  They made sure you knew they really wanted to make sure you have the best time ever.  If there was any question you needed answered, something you needed help with, or anything they could do “for you” they did it.

Within a few minutes of boarding the ship I wanted to locate the on-ship internet cafe so I could purchase an internet package to use during the cruise.  However, I couldn’t figure out where it was or how to get there.  I happened to encounter the hotel manager for the ship and he personally walked me to the internet cafe.  Then he introduced me to the staff member there.  Can you believe it?

I was almost speechless.  Yet, this wasn’t some isolated event.  Time and time again I saw cruise employees go out of there way to do things for passengers to make certain there needs were met ASAP.

Most of the other passengers I met on the cruise were NOT first time cruisers.  I met people who were on cruise number 45 cruise… cruise number 60.  I met people who take a cruise 2 and 3 times a year.

Here’s the point.  When it comes to getting clients and keeping those clients the more personal you make their experience the easier and more successful the entire process.  We all want to be treated like human beings.  We all want someone to care about what we need.  Plus finding someone who puts your needs ahead of their own is absolutely refreshing.

I know you do really care about your clients and the people you want to become clients.  Just make certain you don’t allow yourself to get too comfortable with routines and procedures to the point your relationships suffer.  If you have employees make sure they truly demonstrate kindness and respect in EVERY client or potential client encounter.

If you’ve had an especially great example of a business making it personal for you please tell us about it below.

Coach Cheryl

Creative Commons License photo credit: 111 Emergency


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