Leads911 Coaching Program

From the desk of: Increase Sales Coach Cheryl A. Clausen

Dear Friend:

    As you can see, I've clipped an image of a crisp one dollar bill to the top of this letter.
    Why have I done this?

    Actually there are two reasons:

      #1.  First, since I have something extremely important to tell you, I needed some way to make sure this letter would catch your attention.  

      #2.  And secondly, since this letter concerns how you can make a lot of money, I thought using a dollar as a little "financial eye-catcher" was especially appropriate.

    Here's why I'm writing you today: Because things have drastically changed in business.  There are some obvious outward economic indicators...  

    ... every time you fill your car with gas...

    ... every time you buy food to feed your habit of eating regularly...

    ... every time you talk to the people who can't beg, borrow or steal a job...

    You can see things are different.  

    I get bombarded with messages in my inbox, on voice mail, via snail mail.  These messages prove to me a significant portion of the population is REALLY hurting.  

    I realize this isn't news.  However, these changes brought about by economic uncertainty are the reason so many people are struggling.  

    While these conversations don't all start the same, they end up revealing a common challenge.  

    If you're like most people you're faced with a...

 Business Chilling
Cash Flow Killing
Must-Be-Dealt-With-Now Challenge!

Even though you're doing the things you've always done... you don't have enough people to sell to. 

    For some, your pool of best prospects has dried up.  You need to open new markets.  

    For others an inability to distinguish your business from the competition has made you invisible.  

    For most the methods and techniques you used to count on simply aren't working.  

    So what's all this got to do with you?

    Simply this: If you're going to thrive moving forward... you need high quality real prospects to sell to.  Those outdated, soon-to-be-obsolete methods, and tired techniques of the past no longer work and won't work any time in the future.  

    You probably know me as the "Increase Sales Coach" from IncreaseSalesCoach.com... my real name is Cheryl A. Clausen.  I'm a direct response marketing and sales specialist with a reputation for helping accountants, chiropractors, financial advisors, freelancers, life insurance agents, and business coaches' set-up simple systems to get sales and do it fast.  

    John Clemens from Rockville, Maryland says,"Cheryl has Tom Hopkins, Zig Ziglar, Jeffrey Gitomer and all the rest of the so-called Sales Gurus beat with one hand tied behind her back."

    While such flattery makes me blush and I certainly enjoy the endorsement what I love more is hearing from enthusiastic clients like John who are getting results.

    Stacey Ann Welsh reported, "I have achieved all my targets, and surpassed my sales quota.  It was incredible... I also used some of your tools and I must say it really increased my confidence and skill."  

    Listen:  I don't breathe rarified air or have magical powers.  I'm a flawed human being just like everyone else.  It just so happens out of necessity I discovered how to attract crowds of hungry buyers.  I know how to turn on the spigot and send a flood of real prospects to little 'ole me.  

    I knew I had a...

Remote Control System
For Generating
Highly Qualified Prospects

     However, I didn't realize my system was all that special until October 2008.  That fall a room full of top-tier big name marketers (people from Early to Rise, Strategic Profits, and other lesser known heavy hitters) in Spokane Washington looked at me with slack-jawed wonder when I explained the results from my lead generation system.  In unison they asked, "How do you do that?"  

    Even back then I knew how to...

Attract from 11 to 136
Real Qualified Prospects in
A Single Day!

    Every day like clockwork new prospects come to me.  These prospects ask for more information... they ask for an appointment... they ask how they can buy.  

    I've taught my one-on-one coaching clients how to use parts of my proven system so they can do the same thing.

    In spite of what some might call a magnetic attraction factor, I keep a rather low profile because I like it that way.  I am not after fame.  However, I've been a sought after sales and marketing expert featured in Selling Power Magazine, Top Sales Experts, Salesopedia, Sales Gravy, Perfect Business, Business Experts Webinars, Evan Carmichael, and Ezine Articles.  My articles alone have been published over 2,718 times.  Seems like...  

At Least a Few Folks in the
Sales & Marketing World
Think I have Something Important to Say!

    Up to now, I've worked with clients one-on-one.  Those cilents have enjoyed solid results.  For example...

    West Palm Beach, Florida Business Coach Nancy Proffitt's phone started ringing and she got a 56% response from a little letter she sent a few prospects.

    Patti Schutte of Bellevue, Nebraska grew her revenue 255%.

    Mary Lueth of Manila, Iowa increased sales 266% in 12 weeks.

    Accountant Brad landed his biggest client... a client so big this one client provided an instant 125% increase in before tax profits.  

    Regular guys just like you have increased their weekly prospect contacts 49%-100% using just a few of my remote control lead generation system techniques.  

    Yet, if you've contacted me you already know I no longer take new coaching clients.  I haven't taken a new coaching client in over three years.  

    I've written marketing communications for major marketers like...
  • Agora Financial
  • Sovereign Society
  • Institute for Individual Investors
  • Weiss Research
  • Casey Research
  • Market Authority
  • Idea Incubator
  • American Writers & Artists Inc. 
  • KJM Publications
  • Weiss Communications
  • Pimsleur
  • eReleases
  • Smart Team
  • And more...

    ... and, as a result I got a window in on their insider marketing & sales secrets.  I've taken those secrets and the ones I discovered on my own to create simple systems to sell fast.  Plus, I've dialed into where the big money is and how to get it!

I Don't Like Tooting My Own Horn!  

    But... in order to get you to listen to me... and more importantly, take ACTION on what I'm about to share with you... I have to show you I've been around the block a few times and have experience helping people just like you get prospects coming to you.

    In spite, of all this self-aggrandizing, it's likely you've never heard of me.  I've kept a rather low profile.  I'd rather quietly go about the business of making money behind the scenes than shouting from the roof tops and beating my own chest.  

    That's just not my thing.  

    I've been too busy perfecting my remote control lead generation system and enjoying a laid back lifestyle to worry about impressing anyone.  

    It's taken me over 7 years to perfect my system.  Along the way I had a few complete "strike outs"... some "base hits"... before I finally hit a "home run" with my remote control lead generation system.  (I learned a lot of very valuable lessons from those "strikeouts" that made the "home run" possible.)  

    I have good news for you...  

    I can't stand the thought you might need people to sell to.  

    I can't stand it you're told outdated, soon-to-be-obsolete, and tired techniques that no longer work to generate high-quality leads.    

    That's what led me to come up with something new and exciting.  I've come up with a new way to help you because I want you to succeed and do it on the cheap.  After all I realize if you had a huge bank roll you wouldn't be reading this right now.      

    Listen:  When I worked with insurance agent Heidi, I simply showed her how to talk about her best prospects.  She immediately started getting real leads.  In less than 6 months she increased her personal sales $100,000 and grew her agency 20%.  

    Working with Heidi and clients like her over the past seven years has made me realize something important.  I could help you do the same things working with you as your virtual coach.  I can coach you virtually and show you how to fill your sales funnel with high-quality, ready-to-buy, dream-come-true leads.  

    This realization along with my intense desire to help drove me to create an...

Amazing & Exciting
New Way To Help You
Get The Best Leads Of Your Life

    First, I want to clear something up.

    I love helping with what I call "Doers".  "Doers" are people who take what I show them and immediately put it into action.  This is important because the faster you act the quicker you get results.

    "Doers" don't overthink things.  They don't try to reinvent the wheel.  They simply trust the system and follow the process.  They "get" you don't mess with a proven system.  They, at least temporarily, suspend any disbelief long enough to follow the system and "see" the results for themselves.  

    After all the principles of this system are the same principles used by every major direct response marketer you could name.  From the biggest major mailers like Agora to top infomercial empires like Guthy-Renker... they all use these same principles.  The ones, if you follow my advice, you'll use on a regular guy budget and scale.  

    Listen up!  You do NOT have to pay your dues.  You do NOT have to do things that worked back in the day but don't work now.  

    I'm going to show you how to avoid all the pain and agony using what I like to call my...

Remote Control Lead Generation System

    In other words, you don't have to go through the typical prospecting learning curve... waiting years until you get good enough to actually earn a living that pays all your bills with a little extra for a few minor luxuries.


    I'm here to tell you there's an easier way.

    Look:  I want you to succeed in a BIG way.  I want your family, friends, and peers to think you must be some kind of sales rock star.  

    I want them asking (in shock and awe) how you do it!  

    To make these things a reality though, you need a steady stream of people to sell to.  Not just any people.  You need your sales funnel full of people who will buy.  

    Here's the plan.  I will work with you as your virtual coach for a full 4 weeks.  I will take you by the hand, show you step-by-step exactly how to set-up a remote control lead generation system that could easily DOUBLE... TRIPLE the number of qualified, ready-to-buy prospects entering your sales funnel.  

    However, I want you to be forewarned:

I'm Going To
Work Your Tail Off!

    But it will be well worth it to have a system in place so you NEVER have an empty sales funnel again!

    You will get homework.  

    You will get an action plan.  

    I will coach you virtually through video (and audio) and explain everything.  

    This is the first time I have ever revealed this entire system to ANYONE!  

    In addition, you'll get written details, step-by-step instructions, and further written explanation.  

     Listen:  If you've been trying to round up leads through cold calling you might be interested in some facts reported by e-Consultancy.  Prior to the "Do Not Call" list, 89% of all leads were generated over the phone.  Now, less than half of all leads are generated by telephone.    

    As if the "Do Not Call" list weren't bad enough, fewer and fewer consumers own a landline phone.  This trend is extending to businesses now too, especially small businesses.  Today's small business is likely to use an online virtual phone system rather than a landline phone system.  

    On the rare occasion a prospect has a landline... that phone often serves the sole purpose of screening out unwanted calls.  Anyone they actually want to "talk to" calls their cell.  

    Payphones and phone booths are already a thing of the past.  How long can it be before landlines and phonebooks (including the yellow pages) follow?  

    Yet, I'll teach how to use the phone the right way.  I'll teach you exactly what to say.  I'll show you how to get what you want over the phone.  And...

I'll Never Ask You To Make
Cold Calling Your Go-To
Lead Generation Technique

    Not because it doesn't work, because it does work when you do it the way I'll teach you... but because it takes too much time!  

    I'm going to teach you ways to get the maximum number of leads from the least amount of time.

    Speaking of time sinks... networking is another old lead generation favorite.  

    Problem is it can be hard to find groups that are worth your time.  It can be even harder to crack the good old boy network.  In fact, it can take years of playing nice to get anywhere.  

    In the meantime your costs are racking up.  There are membership costs, gas costs to get to and from meetings and events, meal costs, and the cost of your time (which you can never get back).

    All told, networking is an expensive approach to getting quality leads.  Worse yet, most people don't have a clue how to make networking actually "work".  That's why...

I'll Never Ask You To Make
Networking Your Go-To
Lead Generation Technique

    I'll also never ask you to rely on another popular time sink... social media.  

    Or, money sink... brand advertising.  Brand advertising is complete nonsense for regular guys like you and me.  You have neither the time
(the complete lack of financial intelligence) nor the financial fortitude to make brand advertising work.  

    The idea of buying leads or buying appointments sounds enticing.  I mean who wouldn't want all the work done and get fresh hot leads and appointments handed to you on a silver platter?  

    Yet, if you've purchased leads and appointments you already know there are some glaring problems.

    Namely, the leads or appointments you buy are sold to multiple buyers... your competitors.  Plus, these "leads" aren't nearly as fresh or hot as you're told they will be.  

    Often, these leads seem to have absolutely no idea why you are bothering them.  

    That's more than frustrating.  That's maddening because you likely paid $20-$50-$125 for each and every one of these phantom "leads".  

    When you do actually get an appointment, after lots of reschedules, these prospects are more skeptical than the ones you contact cold calling.  

    Worse yet, they've got their battle lines drawn.  It's like arm wrestling an alligator trying to pry anything out of them.  You sure as heck didn't shell out all that money for that kind of frustation and grief!

    Common sense should tell you no lead you ever buy (at any price) will ever hold even 10% of the value of the leads that come to you of their own free will.  

    That's certainly my experience.  That's why I show you...

How To Get Your
Very Best Highest-Paying
Most Qualified Prospects
To Come to YOU!

    These prospects literally raise their hand and ask you to contact them.  

    You've also been told over and over to ask for referrals.  That's great advice!  But there's a snag.  

    Very few people actually ask for referrals.  Even fewer know how to ask.   And almost no one has a built in system to make asking for referrals consistently happen.  

    But you could.  Using the simple system I'm going to teach you all you need to do is "plug" it in.

    Bottom line you've been told a lot of things that really aren't on the up and up.  

    You've been told... you simply need to do more cold calling, networking, brand advertising, connecting.  But I say... increasing your focus on the wrong activities won't get better results.  

    You've been told... you simply need to get better at cold calling, networking, etc.  But I say... you can be the very best at each of these things and still get poor results because you're doing the wrong things.  When you do these things you're focused on taking one action to connect with one person.  That's a recipe for a whole lot of work with limited capacity to help you actually make money.  

    You've been told... you simply need a positive attitude, to think positive thoughts, and wait for providence to bring good things your way.  But I say... this is the philosophy behind all the self-help books, or as I call them "shelf-help".  Let me ask you, if self-helped worked why would you need thousands of books on the same topic?  

    Self-help has never been proven to produce tangible results... counting on positive thoughts, magical events, and dreaming your way to success is a surefire recipe for failure.  

    Even Jesus said if a man will not work he should not eat.  You aren't going to sit on your thumbs and wish yourself a bunch of great leads.  

    Sorry for getting on my high horse and going all preachy on ya...

    Here's the fact of the matter.  Things have changed.  

    The world has changed.  

    You can't turn to folks for advice on how to get leads who haven't gone out and gotten leads in decades.  Or folks who tell you to get leads one way when that's not how they themselves actually get leads.  

    What I'm going to teach you is exactly how I get leads right now TODAY! This isn't some theory I read in a book, or something I used to do that no longer works.  This is my daily remote control lead generation system in its entirety.  

At This Very Moment
Your Best Prospect
Is Looking For You...

    ... well maybe not specifically you.  But they are looking for exactly what you can help them with.  And they want it right now!  

    When your best prospects are looking for you they don't whip out their phone book and flip to the yellow pages.  Remember most people today don't even have a phone book or a phone number listed in a phone book.  

    Here's what they do.  They whip out their smart phone, tablet, netbook, e-Reader, or whatever other browser capable device they have on them... and they immediately start searching.  

    They start searching for information.  When they find what they're looking for they want it right now.  

    Then they immediately use that information to make a purchase decision.  

    Point-click-send DONE!  

    If you're outside this loop you're invisible.  That's why I show you...

How To Help Your
Very Best Highest-Paying
Most Qualified Prospects
Find YOU!

    Here are more interesting statistics as reported by e-Consultancy...
  • 97% of U.S. businesses see online lead generation as a growing priority...
  • 53% of lead generation activity is now taking place online and that number is increasing...
  • 62% of businesses report their online lead generation activity as their most cost effective method of obtaining leads...

    Did you catch that?  Online lead generation is their most cost effective method of obtaining leads.  Darned straight it is...  

    Yet, online lead generation is only part of the story and a small slice of the power unleashed in my simple remote control lead generation system.  

    Hmmm... life is good isn't it?  

    Combine a simple yet powerful lead generation system with the power of effective marketing communications... and is it any wonder the economy is only a problem for mere lesser mortals?  

    Here's what I'm calling my exciting new virtual coaching program...

The Leads911 Coaching Program

    This is the most exciting coaching program I have ever created.  To my knowledge there is nothing like it available anywhere at any price.  

    This is the kind of program I would gladly have paid any price to get because it would have saved me thousands of hours of blood, sweat and tears... and saved me over $147,373 dollars.  

    I'm going to teach you...

How To Get Real Prospects
(Not Lookie-Loos or Tirekickers)
To Come To You And
Ask You To Take Their Money
On A Daily Basis!

    I've been sharing ideas on the IncreaseSalesCoach.com/blog for years.  While there are some great tips, ideas, and how to's on my blog.  The information on my blog doesn't even begin to scratch the surface.  

    After all, I don't want Google indexing all my best stuff and splashing it for all the world to see.  

    Those who join me in Leads911 Coaching Program are going to get insider information I've never revealed to anyone.  Not even my one-on-one coaching clients.  

    Not because I was holding out on them but because there simply wasn't enough time to go into all these details.  

    In this 4 week virtual coaching program you'll discover how to get sales fast.  

    I'll show you step-by-step how to set-up a simple system that works on auto-pilot consistently driving qualified prospects to you, capturing their contact information, and systematically helping you get appointments that turn into sales.  

    Here's how I'm going to help you unleash the gold in this program...

Week 1:
How To Find Your Very Best
Highest Paying
Most Qualified Prospects

    Before we get into the core teaching I've prepared a Quickstart guide.  Watch this video first.  This video provides an overview and helps you get the most value from the program.

    If you don't have enough people to sell to... if the people you're trying to sell to aren't a good fit... it doesn't take long before you hit a wall.  You can work hard.  You can do the "right" things.  But you won't make much money.  

    Not having enough people to sell to is an on-going demoralizing struggle.  It makes you feel like a failure even though you're not.  

    You feel like you're letting the people who matter most down.  Yet, until you can get in front of real prospects it's a never ending problem.  

    There are insurance agents... 15-20 year veterans, who have never overcome this struggle.    

    Getting people to sell to is one of those make or break challenges.  I'm going to help you take that challenge off your plate.

After This Program
Your Life Will
LIVE A Little Different!

    You'll start your day checking your inbox, voice mail, and snail mail counting the number of new qualified leads that entered your sales funnel overnight.  

    Your simple hands free system automatically moves these new prospects step-by-step to the appointment or sale.  

    Because lead generation will take far less of your time, you can invest more of your time delivering the product (or service).  

    And... you can start setting aside time for the things in life you enjoy because you don't need to work as many hours to earn more than before.   

    From this point forward when you hear a colleague say they spend the first hour of their day making cold calls you might physically wince with empathy.  

    You'll probably cringe when you hear a so-called sales expert tell you "it's a numbers game".  If they only realized how wrong that old idea is they would never say it.    

    Once you watch the Quickstart coaching video you're ready to watch the first module.  In these videos I show you how to find your very best, highest paying, most qualified prospects.

There's A Secret
To Finding Your
Very Best Prospects!

    Once you know this secret... and understand it... you can stop wasting your time on prospects who will never pan out for you.  

    Instead you can focus your energy where it needs to be to start setting appointments with qualified prospects and make money fast.  

    I'll show you how to sell your product or service without triggering skepticism, resistance, or objections.  No more word battles.  

    Listen to the audios and you'll hear how to talk to prospects.  

    What may surprise you is how all of a sudden your prospects want to hear what you have to say... and then they start asking questions.  They ask you the questions you've always wanted them to ask.  

    I'm going to give you a simple tool and show you how to use it.  This tool could completely change the way you talk about your product or service because it teaches you how to talk about what you sell in terms of what your prospects are already looking to buy.  

    Then I'm going to show you how to...

Pinpoint The Hot Buttons
That Drive Your
Prospects to Buy NOW!

    This is crucial.  This knowledge alone is key to helping you close more sales and put money in the bank fast.

    What you learn this first week will help you increase revenue in fewer appointments.  

    Starting this week you'll know which of your prospects to focus on.  The simple system you'll soon master will automatically help your very best prospects raise their hands so you can help them get what they want faster.  Soon...

You'll Know How To
Get Sales Fast

    If asking for referrals and introductions didn't work so well in the past it won't be a problem now.  I'll teach you how to quickly communicate who you help and how you do it.  

    Get ready and be prepared because prospects will start calling you.  

    Business Coach Nancy was shocked when her phone started ringing and prospects asked her for an appointment.  Don't you be surprised because it will happen to you too.  

    In short order you will see how to build a list of 100 new rock solid prospects that you'll use to jumpstart your lead generation system and boost your sales.

    You get a master list showing you where to go to get the full contact details for your very best prospects.    

    Then you find out what to do with your list.  

    You get step-by-step details telling you exactly what to do including specific instructions on how to do it.  

You Even Get Shown
What To Say!

    It's like you're sitting in my office... or better yet, we're sitting together on a couple of beach chairs under an umbrella on Okaloosa Island in Fort Walton Beach Florida.  

    I'm walking you through everything and you're taking notes.  You're taking it all in between sips of ice cold tea... or your preferred beach beverage.  

    As we wriggle our toes in that soft white quartz sand, soaking in that luscious Florida sunshine, gazing out over those emerald waters of the Gulf of Mexico... I just keep pouring out all my jealously guarded secrets.  

    I'll tell you exactly what to say and how to say it.  I'll help you open the door and start a conversation with prospects from your list.  

    I'll help you avoid a rookie mistake and tell you who you must NEVER call.  

    I'll even warn you about who you must NEVER email.  

    I'll teach you how to avoid a common approach for generating leads that's all wrong.  

    The objections that are getting in your way and holding you back won't be a problem by the time you finish this 4 week virtual coaching program.  

    I'm going to show you a way to get your prospects attention that few know, and even fewer use.  

You'll Learn What to Say To
Attract Prospects, Open Doors,
And Close More Sales!

    I'll even teach you how to qualify a prospect in less than 2 minutes with their eager consent and cooperation!    
Week 2:
How To Help Your Very Best
Highest Paying
Most Qualified Prospects
Find YOU

    The first week you see how to find prospects.  This week the focus shifts to helping you help your best prospects find you.  

    Showing you how to find prospects is a little like giving you a fish.  You eat the fish.  The fish takes away your hunger but in about six hours you're hungry again.  

    Teaching you how to attract prospects helps you become a magnet for your best prospects.  It's like teaching you how to feed yourself for life.  You set-up a feeding station and the fish come to eat.  Then all you have to do is grab a fish every time you need to eat.  

    I'm going to explain what you need to attract prospects (become that feeding station).  

    I'll teach you how to help your best prospects find you.  

    I'll show you how to have what your prospects are already looking for so you can give that to them on demand.  

    I'll tell you what bait to use to get maximum attraction power.  

    I'll give you the key to getting prospects and making money on demand.  

    I'll tell you the critical number you must know when it comes to leads... it's probably not what you think.  

    I'll teach you what you can do to maximize the lifetime value of every buyer.  

    I'll show you a proven way to know what works, and what doesn't work when it comes to getting leads.   

    I'll show you how you can come out of nowhere and dominate a market in short order.  

    I'll help you set realistic expectations.  Plus, I'll show you how to know when you should keep doing something even though at first glance you might not see it.  

    A lot of money never materializes because people stop doing things that work.  I hate to admit it but I've been guilty of this mistake on more than one occasion!  
    I'm going to give you 3 proven ways to name a business, product, or service... this is probably a much bigger deal than you realize.  Once I show you, however, you'll immediately get it.  

   I'm also going to share some important phrases anyone who wants to generate more leads and get more sales must know.  

Week 3:
How To Automate Your
Lead Generation Process
So Your Sales Funnel Is

    This is the week you learn how to transform what was once a painful, time consuming, difficult process into an automated remote control system that works on auto-pilot.  

    I show you how to create an online lead generation system that works 24-7-365.  While you work, play, or sleep your trusty lead generation system works non-stop... no complaining, no demands for overtime, no sick days.  

    I give you step-by-step instructions that cover the tiniest details.  Plus, I tell you where to go to get even more information (should you need it) free.  

    I'll show you how to get your email through SPAM blocks, security settings, and IP screens.  
    Next, I'll teach you how to build a relationship with your prospects.  Unlike the skeptical guarded leads you may be used to... these prospects want information from YOU, they want YOUR help, and they want access to YOU.  

    Best of all, you never have to share your leads with anyone.  

    I'll tell you about the quickest way to build a relationship with a prospect.  It's simple and it's easy.  Better yet, once you set it up its hands free.  

    I'll show you the instant push button solution for getting your offer in front of your prospects.  

    You'll discover how to plan a sales process that produces consistent results.  This simple visual technique helps you plan for every possibility.  On top of that, it ensures you ask for the sale as many times as it takes to get the sale... on auto-pilot.  

    Many multi-billion dollar companies are leaving millions on the table... but you won't because I'll tell you where the real money is and how to get it.  

Week 4:
How To Create
Marketing Messages
That Work!

    Week 4 we tie up all the things you've been working on and wrap a bow around them.  Plus, you learn the final pieces to the puzzle.  

    This week I show you how to use the phone to get what you want and set appointments.  Do this and you'll put your business on the fast track.  You'll nail down critical information.  Plus, you'll set appointments with ready-buyer prospects.  

    I'll give you 3 phone tips essential for results.

    I'll give you a simple, easy to use, easy to follow Phone Formula that makes you sound like a professional.  This Phone Formula gets prospects to instantly pay attention to you.  

    I'll tell you how to get past gatekeepers and get your prospect on the phone (even Mr. Big).  

    You get a simple question that completely changes the dynamic of the call.  This question gets you the cooperation you need.  It jolts gatekeepers out of their zombie-like robotic responses designed to get rid of you.  

    You'll get to hear how a call should sound so you can practice on your own.  

    Most callers suffer the consequences of mistakes completely hidden to them.  I shine a bright light on those hidden mistakes so you can avoid them.  

    Unfortunately, the words and language you use can cause hang-ups and an "I'm not interested" response.  That's why I give you words and language that remove resistance.  

    I'll show you 3 important Phone Protocols you should pay careful attention to... your Mother, a former boss, no one has ever let you in on what these protocols are or how important they are when using the phone at any time for any reason.  

    I'll tell you who to call first and why.  Do this now and you'll be ready for that big money-in-the-bank prospect you'd love to land as a client.  

    I'll teach you how to get a prospect to open up on the phone so you can have a real conversation.  

    I'll teach you how to get prospects to talk to you and tell you what you need to know.  

    I'll tell you what to say if the prospect asks, "What are you selling?"  Respond using the exact words I tell you and immediately get the conversation back on track.  You'll not only disarm the prospect you'll earn their respect.  

    I'll teach you an easy way to eliminate objections and get more information in one fell swoop.  This technique is the...

Secret To More Sales
Bigger Sales And
More Frequent Sales!

     On top of that, this little secret strengthens your relationship with the prospect in an instant.  

    I'll also teach you how to network like a pro.  You'll avoid all those beginner mistakes that make you look like a rookie.  

    Do what you'll learn and you'll get leads fast.  You'll also help non-prospects introduce you to real prospects.  

    I'll tell you about the 4 goals you should set for each networking opportunity.  

    I'll share the questions you should ask the people you meet.  

    I'll give you 3 questions that help you gain the insights you need to attract more prospects and clients.  

    I'll teach you a failsafe way to get permission to contact the prospects you meet at a networking event.  This works every time.  In the hundreds of networking events I've attended I have NEVER been turned down.  And when I call, no matter how big Mr. Big might be, he takes my call without hesitation.

    I'll teach you how to "work" a networking event.  You won't get trapped in a conversation and limit your ability to meet more people.  Better yet, you'll never be that clingy soul others scramble to get away from.  

    Because you may not be the life of the party or you may feel a little uncomfortable going to new places and meeting strangers... I'm going to teach you how to get people to personally introduce you to prospects.  

    These people who do not meet your ideal client criteria will throw the door open wide and help you waltz right through even the most heavily guarded door.  And, you'll know exactly what to say to take full advantage of this dream opportunity.  

    I'll help you avoid confusing prospects.  This is important because when you confuse a prospect you drive them away.  And you rarely, if ever, get a second chance.

    I'll help you uncover the 5 stories every marketing communication must tell.  This alone can set you up for nearly overnight success.  When you effectively tell these 5 stories you become a magnet for your dream prospects.  

    I'll show you how to make yourself stand out from the competition as the best choice for your prospects.  When you do this your competition fades away.  You become the default "go to" option for your very best prospects.  

    I'll show you how to condense your main marketing message for a powerful impact.  This memorable, repeatable message makes you both relevant and findable.  

    I'll even show you how to transform your business card into a monetizable investment.  

The Leads911 Coaching Program
Is A "Lead Generation Blitzkrieg"!

    In just 30 days I'll show you how to get prospects (better than you can buy at any price) to come to you.  

    Once you know how to get these prospects you'll know how to get top quality prospects on demand from now on.  

    No more empty sales funnel.  No more time wasted on cold calls that don't work, networking events that get you nowhere, or advertising that doesn't produce a return from your investment.  

    The Leads911 Coaching Program is the "must-have" resource for...

    >>  Accountants...

    >>  Chiropractors...

    >>  Consultants...

    >>  Financial Advisors...

    >>  Freelancers....

    >>  Life Insurance Agents...

    >>  Business Coaches...

    >>  Any business owner that needs more clients and bigger profits...

    This is not sales training.  This virtual coaching program shows you how to set-up a remote control prospecting system that could feed you and yours for life!  Even if you have ZERO prospects today.  

    If you work in the financial industry there is no reason this straight-forward, honest lead generation system should cause you compliance headaches.  

    I want you to SEE FOR YOURSELF the value of this exciting opportunity... and experience FIRST HAND the quantum leaps in income and growth you can achieve as soon as you discover the missing pieces to your own "success puzzle".  

    However, if you believe in magic bullets... if you expect prospects to clamor for appointments without you actually having to do anything -- without you having to take action on what you're shown in this program... The Leads911 Coaching Program is definitely not for you.  

    This coaching program is for people who are willing to take proven sales and marketing systems and act on them... "Doers".  The faster you take action the quicker you get results.  

    This involve work!  

    This coaching program isn't for dreamers, blamers or complainers... it's for "Doers" who know you have to do something to get something in return.  

    Sorry if that seems blunt.  But there is no point in me handing you a complete system on a silver platter if you aren't willing to break out a little skull sweat and do something!     
Let's Recap:   

    When you become a member of the Leads911 Coaching Program, you get me as your virtual coach for 4 weeks (Value: $5,000).  

    In addition to the video (and audio) virtual coaching recordings you also get these core materials...

  • The Product & Features Worksheet this tool combined with the training shows you how to eliminate the objections most unwittingly cause themselves.  It helps you uncover what your product or service does that clients are willing to pay for.  It also teaches you how to talk about your product or service in a way prospects pay attention to.  (Value: $500)
  • The Product Buying Trigger Action Plan.  The action plan helps you pinpoint what prospects really want.  Once you understand what your best prospects really want... helping them get that is a whole lot easier.  Because you understand what they want prospects are open and receptive to your help.  As you know, it makes things a heck of a lot easier when prospects let their guard down.  (Value: $1,000)
  • The Where to Find Prospects Guide.  This master list tells you exactly where to get full contact information for your very best prospects.  This will make creating a list of 100 prospects fast much easier.  (Value: $500) 
  • The Core Marketing Message Worksheet.  This tool will help you craft your bread-and-butter marketing communication.  Once you do this you'll know what to say to attract prospects to you.  This easy to follow 3 step template instantly makes you sound and feel like a seasoned professional.  (Value: $1,000)  
  • The Quick & Easy Guide to Using the Internet to Promote & Build Your Business.  This guide contains a wealth of critical knowledge you absolutely must have.  You get detailed explanations, critical questions, important objectives, recommended tools, ways to take the things you're already doing and get more value, and much more.  (Value: $47)
  • The Autoresponder Guide.  You get step-by-step instructions for how to use this silent workhorse to do two important things.  I tell you what you need to get started.  And I explain important details few know.  (Value: $27)
  • The Website Guide.  In this detailed document I tell you key things you need to know about webpages, what you need to get started, how to do what you need to do, and how to upload various media to your website.  (Value: $77)
  • The Sales Flow Chart.  This simple technique helps you think through the prospects experience.  It helps you plan next steps and options.  Use this tool to plan out a consistent experience and take advantage of the real money opportunities.  (Value: $500)
  • The Phone Formula.  This easy to use 5 step proven formula will completely change your calling experience.  This is how to use the phone to get what you want.  (Value: $1,000)

    The entire program is delivered right to your inbox.  Read, watch, or listen from your smart phone, tablet, netbook, e-Reader, or computer (even if you don't have a high-speed internet connection).  

    Because I appreciate how busy you are the content is broken into short segments.  That way you can learn between appointments, while waiting for a friend, working out, or whenever you have a few minutes to watch, listen or read.  

    Pop open your email and I'll be right there waiting to show you, help you, and teach you.  

    In case you haven't added it all up...

 That's a total value of $9,651!  

    But don't freak out... you're not going to invest anywhere NEAR that.    

    At one time this coaching program included an opportunity to work with me via email coaching and sold like hot cakes for $997.  The email coaching opportunity is no longer included in this program and that's why you can now 
join the Leads911 Coaching Program for just $97.  That's an incredible offer so incredible it just might be stupid on my part and I may pull this down once I come to my senses.  But for the moment at least I am feeling incredibly generous and you are the one who stands to benefit.  

Here's what you need to do right now:

    1.  Click on the Button below and submit your payment...

    2.  Click on the "continue to website" link on the PayPal payment page then enter your name & email in the webform on the member registration page...

    3.  Watch your inbox and click on the confirmation link in the confirmation email.  You need to click on this confirmation link to make sure you get access to everything you paid for in the program...

    You'll immediately get a message from me in your inbox.  

    You'll get instructions with the secret "members only" email address in the coaching program. (No longer part of the program)

    I look forward to working with you and helping you fill your sales funnel with top-notch prospects.  

To Your Enduring Success,

Increase Sales Coach Cheryl A. Clausen

P.S.  Listen: Things have changed.  Whether you want to admit it or not, these changes have impacted the way you get leads, the quality of those leads, and your ability to make money in your business.  What used to work doesn't work now.  That's why you need a killer lead generation system.  

P.P.S.  For a limited time you have an opportunity to make a big investment in your business for chump change.  Let me hear from you today!

    I'm looking forward to welcoming you into the Leads911 Coaching Program!

    Insurance agent Andre Des Ormeaux says, "There are so many AHA! Moments."

    Joe Paschitti of Naples, Florida states, "The "sales field work" is working effectively, sooner than anticipated."  

    Imagine what you're experience might be and how that would impact YOUR life...